Winter etc…

Here are a few things that have happened in our lives recently…..


Our drake was but a wee nipper when Ali got him for us in August but now he’s all grow’d up (and beEEautiful) as you can see below:


While we were on our way back from Blighty our most productive ewe spat out 2 more lambinos (which makes 7 in total in only a year and a half!).

They’re lovely little buggers but we’re unconvinced as to whether or not they’ll survive the harsh winter weather and being forced to battle the other young ‘uns for food.

Here they are:

The B&B barn

Things are progressing in the barn with the Chestnut laths starting to go in before the insulation is added and then the lime rendering can begin.

Below you can get an idea of how it’s starting to look in there:


We finally located and purchased a splendid little (well, not so little but compared to some…..) tractor which I drove back (for FOUR hours in the freezing cold!) a few weeks ago.

It’s a Massey Ferguson with topper and front-loader – lovely!

Here she is before and during my journey:


She continues to grow, walk and talk more and more every day!

Here are a few shots we’ve liked in the last few weeks.

“Too big?”:

Smiley food face:

Soft focus and hobbit-like:


It would appear, today, that winter is here with a vengeance!

We awoke this morning to about 30cm of fresh powdery white stuff but when I headed up onto the plateau in order to get some new snow-tyres fitted to the Boo I discovered that there’d been a little more than 30cm up there.

My the time I reached the neighbour I’d had to dig the Boo out 3 times and spent the next hour battling my way through insane 2m/7ft snow drifts and helping/towing 3 stranded drivers out of various drifts before finally making it to the garage.

This is what the terrace looked like this morning:

…and here’s the view from the corner just up from the house:

Finally, below you can see one of the huge snow drifts encroaching on the road:

Fun, fun, fun.

Ok, that’ll do – more’s been happening but I’ve written as much as I’m writing for now.

Cheers, Gairy.

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3 Responses to Winter etc…

  1. Ratchet says:

    The snow drifts look amazing. So does little Amelie. Stay warm simple folk x x

  2. Moo Moo says:

    Love that hobbit shot and the snow pics. Not sure who this ‘Ratchet’ is, but I echo her sentiments. If indeed she is a her.

  3. suemannion says:

    hello what great pics! Amelie gets more gorgeous every day,i love the soft focus one.did the snow come as a suprise? what will you use the tractor for,it seems too big for the area you use? love and hugs to you all mum x

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