Where once they were…..

So far over the summer we’ve had loads of really lovely visitors.

Uchrisya and Hope (ski academy legend) came to visit for a few days which was lovely as well as  Brioneenee and Duncan who came to visit for 5 days which was loads and loads of fun and we also had Charlie and Sally  stay on and off or a week or so and hopefully they might move nearby at some point in the future, fingers crossed.

Maggie and Alfie came to stay for a week and we had lots of fun with them as usual. Maggies continued her war against nettles and Alfie made a cool and (water proof?) den in the woods with twigs and branches etc.

Then Rob and Ali and their crazy brilliant dog “Dogga” arrived and stayed with us for 2 weeks. We were all part of the Simple Olympics 2012 and events included – stone-nut, poker, blow-pipe-darts, bottle top curling, dessert making, balderdash and table tennis. The games were brilliant and enjoyed by all. The overall results were Bronze – Ali, Silver – Gairy and Rob, Gold – me and MB! Me and MB were the previous gold medal winners so it seems some of us have it and other just don’t.

Here is my winning dessert – a Trio of Desserts. Very Berry Cheesecake, Lemon Posset and Chocolate Tart and I also froze some of the cheesecake topping and lemon posset to create some ice-cream scoops.

Here’s Rob’s creation of Strawberry Sponge Stack, Praline Chocolate and Chocolate Balls filled with Sugared Almonds and he even made a little hammer to crack the balls open.


Below is Monkey Boy’s “Space inspired” Coconut cake with a Chocolate topping and served with a lemon and lime jus.

Even though Ali was feeling very poorly and couldn’t eat any of the desserts she still managed to bake this delicious Mascapone, Ricotta and Chocolate Orange Tart.

Gairy made a superb traditional Carrot Cake, which I definitely would like him to make again soon.

Ali was unfortunately pretty poorly for most of the events – with a tummy that allowed her to eat nothing for almost a week – not fun especially with the dessert event!

While Ali was here she very kindly bought us three ducks (Marjory, Felicity and Claude) as a present and they are now happily homed in the chicken coop – which Gairy and Adrian (see wwoofer blog post) have built a fox proof enclosure for.


We will hopefully get some friendly chickens soon to join the ducks. Our poultry will be free range but at the start we need them to get used to us so that hopefully when we let them out properly they wont just fly off. We’ll keep you posted…..

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2 Responses to Where once they were…..

  1. Jane says:

    Ummm – I think you might have forgotten 2 other visitors. We didn’t stay long but we had a super lovely time!!!!

  2. a simple-person says:

    I am extremely sorry for not having mentioned Jay Jay and BP’s visit as well as Mum and Lynn’s visit. As expected we had a lovely time with them and our summer just wouldn’t have been the same without them. (is that enough Jay Jay?).

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