Peppered Pig

Last weekend we finally got around to killing/butchering the first of our two MASSIVE pigs.

They managed to reach about 300kg (50 stone) each (the normal weight to kill a pig is 100kg) and so it wasn’t a quick or easy task!

Take a look below for some (not so) pretty pictures if you’re interested in the ‘how’ of it all:

So…..firstly we had to catch one the fat buggers and kill it.

This shouldn’t have been the 3 hour epic task that it became but due to there being lots of snow, MB re-pulling his back, Amelie waking up meaning Nikki had to leave and the butchers bolt-gun not being long enough to actually kill the pig once it was used the whole job suddenly became a bit epic!

We eventually managed the task by tying one leg of the pig to a tree and then slowly reeling her in until she couldn’t escape. We then tied off the other legs before finally cutting her throat (not the plan or a nice way to go but once you’ve unsuccessfully put 3 bolts into an animals skull you just want to end it as soon as possible).

Then the butcher (Manu) started the mammoth task of butchering her!

We used the tractor to hoof it into the air so he could work on the carcass and in no time at all we had some seriously big cuts of meat and the preparation could begin…..

The following 2.5 days were spent cutting steaks, roast joints and ribs (Mmmm, BBQ ribs!!!). We made 314 sausages (4 different types), 39 salamis, 27 dried-sausages (thinner salami but you’re not officially allowed to call them salami unless they’re made in a certain way), two massive filet mignons, salted hams, two different pates (at least 10kg of each) and some other bits and bobs.

We’ve now decided to wait until the new year to kill the second pig as we’ve got neither the time nor energy to go through all of that again without a significant rest!

To give you an idea of just how big the pig had gotten a large ham is usually around 15kg and ours were 35kg!

So…..if you’re hungry for pork then pop over for dinner any-time in the next year – see you soon…..

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