Feb 2013 update


Things have been bubbling away at Simple HQ over the winter but we’ve not made time to do much blog-wise since the pig post back in December.

So…..without further a-do here’s where things are at:

1. The Barn

M.B. and Xavier (our most recent wwoofer/worker) have been beavering away putting up the chestnut lathes and installing the insulation in the barn (with us doing what we can when the chance arises).

Things are progressing as they should (though it’s very labour/time intensive work) and it’s looking good in there.

Here’s how it’s been looking:


2. Snow

We’ve had on and off (mostly on) snow since December and the last week it’s been non-stop snowing.

We’ve currently got about 40cm/15″ of the lovely white stuff – here are a few shots:


3. Final pig slaughtered

About a week ago we finally killed our final pig.

It went much smoother than with the previous one and we’re kind of glad that it’s all done and finished with – now we can look forward to a few years worth of tasty pork to eat!

100% pork mind you – no horse meat in our food thank you very much! Though we did buy (intentionally) some horse steak to try a while back. Tasted horrible (though weirdly still not as bad as Tesco lasagne).

I’ve not had time to edit the photos from that yet but will post some when I get a chance.

We’re now eagerly awaiting the curing/drying of various meat products (chorizo, hams, bacon etc…) – MMMmmm!!!!!!

4. A gate for Amelie

We realised (after enjoying the luxury of being able to let Amelie run free in Meribel) that some kind of stair gate might not be such a terrible idea after all and so we (and by we I mean me and M.B. started it and he finished it when I had other nonsense to get on with) set to work building one for the little monkey (Amelie not M.B.).

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:


5. Sam

We had Sam out for a week for some pig-killing, snow-bike-riding and barn-working fun and we’d just like to say that it was a pleasure to have you here fella and we hope to see you back here again soon!


6. The mini-goose herself

Amelie is continuing to grow and change (funny that!) and I’ll not list all of the things she’s done that have impressed, amazed, frightened and worried us over the last few months but I will pop up a few photographs so that you can see for yourself how big she’s getting.



Ok, that should do for now.

I’m off this afternoon to drop some meat at our butchers house so that he can turn it into lovely cooked hams and then I’ll find out if the snow is too deep for me to return (assuming that Nikki and Amelie can get back from crèche that is).

Wish us luck!

Cheers, Gairy.

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