Feb 2013 update


Things have been bubbling away at Simple HQ over the winter but we’ve not made time to do much blog-wise since the pig post back in December.

So…..without further a-do here’s where things are at: Continue reading

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Peppered Pig

Last weekend we finally got around to killing/butchering the first of our two MASSIVE pigs.

They managed to reach about 300kg (50 stone) each (the normal weight to kill a pig is 100kg) and so it wasn’t a quick or easy task! Continue reading

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Winter etc…

Here are a few things that have happened in our lives recently….. Continue reading

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Sorry for the delay…..

We’ve been too busy/lazy/tired to get around to posting anything for far too long and so here’s a very quick entry to get us back in the mood to blog…..

Here are five nice little shots of (the ever changing) Amelie for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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B+B barn update

The work in the B&B barn is really coming on. The boys levelled the beams for the mezzanine and then laid the chestnut flooring. Continue reading

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Amelie turned ONE! How the past year has flown by is just amazing. Continue reading

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Where once they were…..

So far over the summer we’ve had loads of really lovely visitors.

Uchrisya and Hope (ski academy legend) came to visit for a few days which was lovely Continue reading

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We have now received our belated Bob presents from my lovely sister, brother and sister-in-law – an AMAZING TRAMPOLINE and a BRILLIANT TABLE TENNIS TABLE! Continue reading

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and yet more little ones arrived…..


At the moment we are having a couple of dudes repoint the outside of our house (as there is just too much to be getting on with and it’s a LARGE and tedious job). The problem was that there has been a family of Redstart birds living in one of the many holes in the stone wall and we had the choice of either destroying their nest or trying to relocate them. So obviously we tried relocating them – Monkey Boy built them a little box to put their nest in and then very carefully moved the whole nest along with all the super duper cute chicks inside.

Every time we got close to them they thought we were bringing food and stretched forward mouths agape. See how cute they were.

Sadly, after a morning inspection all the chicks were gone – so we are hoping Mummy bird swiftly moved them to another nest…..

Other cool things that have been happening are:

• the boys have fixed the uber greenhouse and we now have LOADS of tomato plants happily growing away in there – 4 types including cheery toms, plum toms, beefy crinkly toms and yellow toms. And we’re also trying to grow some melons in there too. Plus some chillies too.

• the boys have now built some lovely fences in order to keep our greedy sheep from munching all our veg.

• the little lamb named “Lambathy Dalton” by g – is doing very well so far. Our other sheep (the one with triplets) looks like she is about to pop anytime soon.

• Amelie is extremely playful and has been crawling properly for a while now and is now coasting (walking holding on the the sofa) with wobbly legs.

Here are a couple of pics of her.

• MB – is making progress with his “cabin in the woods”.

• I am extremely excited to have come across a recipe for a home-made deodorant – and it works brilliantly well. Super easy to make and after spending a couple hours in the baking sun planting some squash plants I still don’t smell one bit!

Check it out: http://homesteadrevival.blogspot.fr/2011/01/homemade-deodorant.html

• Last, but not least g made himself a wonderful waterproof gillet out of an old compost bag (don’t mention the fact that it’s pretty darn pointless) he was very proud of it – see his stance below:

That’s it for now – I gots to go sleep.



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Mash potato (Mash potato).

We had some Sycamore firewood a while back and when cutting in up we noticed that some of it had some real nice grain running through it and so M.B. put a few bits aside for future handle projects.

The first one was a handle M.B. made for an old whisk we can which we’ve posted about previously (click here to see that post) and then a few months ago we were given a potato masher but the handle broke and so I set about making a new one.

And…..here it is:


There’s not much else to be said about it to be honest.

It looks purdy and mashes potatoes!

Job done.

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